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I am often asked, what are you doing in this CAE forum and what is it good for? You could call it CAE lobbying.

Henning Fehrmann, , Managing Partner – Fehrmann GmbH
Stefan Ritt, Vice President/MD EMEA operations SPEE3D
Dirk Pieper, pike engineering / CAE-Forum | photographer Sandra Schink

I just returned from Solutions Hamburg where I had the opportunity to talk to Stefan Ritt (Vice President/MD EMEA operations SPEE3D), Dr. Christian Keun (CEO – CompriseTec GmbH) and Henning Fehrmann (Managing Partner – Fehrmann GmbH) about the application and future of 3D printing.

CAE Lobbying

Here I (Dirk Pieper) was able to bring the CAE aspects into play, as at many other events before. It became clear that the software vender are well prepared to make predictions for additive manufacturing. Compared to other manufacturing processes, development is far from complete.

Thanks to the other participants and of course to Solutions Hamburg for providing the big stage (especially in corvid 19 times).

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About the event: is the largest digitization congress in Germany and offers strategies, exchange and solutions for companies in the digital change.

The companies:

Fehrmann GmbH
CompriseTec GmbH
pike engineering

The 3D Print Network Hamburg

The starting point for the establishment of the network was the initiative of a volunteer working group of the Committee for Innovation of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Given the dynamic nature of 3D printing, a working group on 3D printing and virtual reality was formed in 2015 from the Chamber of Commerce’s Innovation Committee.

Click here to go to 3D Printing Network Hamburg:

The CAE Forum is our involvement in 3D Printing Network Hamburg. The intersections in computation and in the entire CAE field are very large. In addition, the CAE Forum supports the Facebook Group 3D Drucker. This group deals with everything to do with 3D printing, from hobbies to the small business sector.

The next events of the CAE-Forum are the Simulation Stammtisch on 08.09.2020 and the 18th North German Simulation Forum on 05.11.2020, both events will be held as online events this year.

At Solutions Hamburg, Henning Fehrmann, Dr. CHRISTIAN-ANDRÉ KEUN, Stefan Ritt, and Dirk Pieper discussed the role of 3D printing. CAE Lobbying panel discussion

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